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Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services in San Antonio TX

Rugs are a beautiful addition to your home and can improve your interior’s appearance with their bright colors and elegant designs. But your area rugs require special attention to keep them in tip-top condition as they attract a massive amount of dirt and dust particles which makes them look dull and grimy.

At Falcon Carpet Care, we provide professional area rug cleaning services in San Antonio and nearby locations. With our expert cleaning, you can restore the appearance of your dull rug and bring it back to life. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and skilled and take the right care of your rugs while cleaning.

We use the latest equipment and best-quality cleaning solutions that will help you get rid of stains by effectively removing the accumulated dirt and grime from your rug to give it a new-like look. With our professional deep cleaning, you can prolong the life of your rug.

Are Rug Cleaning Process

How Do We Clean Area Rugs?



We conduct a detailed inspection of your rug to understand its type.



Afterward, we dust the rug to remove loose soil and dirt particles.



Then we thoroughly clean your rug using the best quality cleaners.


Spot Treatment

After cleaning, we treat the uncleaned spots and stains.



Later, we allow the rug to air dry completely to avoid excess moisture.



Lastly, we groom your rug by bruising and fluffing it to improve its look.

Don't Just Get It Clean.......

Get It Falcon' Clean!

Ensure Long-Lasting Durability for Your Area Rugs!

By hiring our best area rug cleaning services in San Antonio TX, you will not only improve the appearance of your rug but also will prolong its life by reducing excess wear and tear that may be caused due to dirt and soil particles accumulated inside its fibers. Don’t wait anymore, hire us to prolong the life of your expensive rug.

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Before Area Rug CleaningAfter Area Rug Cleaning
Before Area rug cleaningAfter Area rug cleaning
Before Area Rug CleaningAfter Area Rug Cleaning