Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from Falcon Carpet Care Experts

Common Tile and Grout Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from Falcon Carpet Care Experts

July 19, 2023

Tile and grout cleaning plays a major role in your floor’s upkeep. However, cleaning the right way is even more crucial. Improper techniques and tools can do more harm than good to your shiny tiled surfaces.

So, in this blog, our experts at Falcon Carpet Care have uncovered some tile and grout cleaning mistakes to avoid, to provide the best cleaning to your floors.

9 Mistakes to Avoid While Tile and Grout Cleaning

1. Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Most homeowners think tiled surfaces are durable to repel most spills. Although robust, they too can absorb the stains. Leaving the spills for a longer period can cause staining on the tiles and porous grout lines. Moreover, when your floors are not sealed well, keeping the spills unattended can be even more damaging.

2. Not Scrubbing The Grout Lines

Another mistake that most do is just mopping the floors and not treating grout lines separately. As you sweep and mop, it cleans the tiles but the dirt pushes into the grout and settles there. That is why it is required to scrub them with a soft-bristled brush to pull off stuck grime.

3. Not Checking The Labels

We often tend to assume the usage of a product and skip reading the label before application. By doing so, you may end up using the wrong product or in an incorrect manner while damaging your tiles and also wasting your efforts.

4. Cleaning Grout With Acids

Many people turn to using acids for cleaning stubborn stains and efflorescence on the floors. Grout is made up of cement that can be dissolved by acids while also etching the tiles. Our experts at Falcon Carpet Care recommend avoiding acid-based cleaners (such as vinegar or other acidic products ) and using alkaline cleaners (Spic and Span, Mr. Clean, etc.).

5. Using Oil Or Wax-Based Cleaners

If you ever use oil-based or wax-based cleaners (like Murphy’s Oil soap, Pine Sol, etc.) for your tiles and grout, that’s yet another mistake. Such cleaners create a thin layer of oil or wax which then attracts dirt. So instead of cleaning, you end up getting a dirtier floor than before.

6. Over Wetting The Floors

If you think soaking the floors for a long time will help loosen the dirt, it’s not so. Just like the floors absorb stains, they can soak in the excess water if oversaturated. This can even result in attracting more dirt and chances of mold growth.

7. Improper Rinsing

Some cleaners avoid rinsing the floors well in order to avoid overwetting. If you do not rinse the tiles and grout after cleaning, the cleaning agents can leave residue on the surface which again results in frequent re-soiling of your floors.

8. Using The Same Mops For All Floors

Do you reuse the same mop for cleaning restroom floors to clean your lobby without changing the water and rinsing it? That’s the biggest mistake in tile and grout cleaning. By doing so, you are not actually cleaning the floors but instead transferring the germs from one place to another.

9. Not Getting Tile And Grout Professionally Cleaned

Your tiles and grout lose their shine over time due to the deeply ingrained dirt. This stubborn grime and stains remain unaffected by regular cleaning and cause excessive damage and discoloration too. That’s why having your tiles deep cleaned by our pros in San Antonio is crucial.

Another reason to hire our professional tile and grout cleaning services is to extend your floors’ lifespan. We use industrial equipment and effective cleaners to pull out the toughest grime from your floors and bring their shine back.

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