Grout Color Sealing Services
San Antonio

Grout Color Sealing Services

Professional Grout Color Sealing Services in San Antonio TX

Are you tired of looking at your discolored and dull grout lines, affecting the look of your home? Not anymore! We at Falcon Carpet Care, provide professional grout color sealing services in San Antonio TX that can bring your dull tile and grout back to life.

Our expert grout sealing will restore the original appearance of your floors and can prolong their life by preventing excess wear and tear. You can recolor the grout with any color of your choice and preserve its appearance for 12-15 years.

Grout Color Sealing Process

Our Grout Sealing Process



We start the process by cleaning your tile and grout surfaces thoroughly to remove accumulated dirt and grime.



To ensure proper sealing and protect your tile surface, we mask the tile edges with tape. We also mask other areas near grout.



Afterward, we start applying the sealant to the grout lines, and with proper care, we cover all areas with sealing.



After sealing we unmask the tile and other areas to ensure all the areas are sealed correctly.


Post Cleaning

Lastly, we clean the tile and grout area to remove excess sealant from unwanted areas before it dries.

Don't Just Get It Clean.......

Get It Falcon' Clean!

Revitalize the Look of Your Floor without Replacing It

Don’t let your worn-out grout lower the beauty of your floors anymore. Give it a brand new look with our expert grout color sealing services. By hiring us you will not only improve the appearance of your home but also prolong the life of your tile and grout for years.

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Before Tile SealingAfter Tile Sealing
Before Tile SealingAfter Tile Sealing
Before Tile SealingAfter Tile Sealing
Before Tile SealingAfter Tile Sealing