DIY Carpet Cleaning

Is DIY Carpet Cleaning Worth the Effort?

June 6, 2023

When carpet gets soiled or when spills happen, DIY cleaning is the go-to option for most homeowners. It’s quick and allows you to take control as and when you want. But when it comes to results, is it equally effective? Or are there certain conditions when it does and does not work out?

Let’s dig deeper to help you decide whether it’s really worth it.

What Are The Pros of DIY Cleaning?

Flexible Schedule:

When the cleaning task is solely up to you, you can freely decide when you want it done. With busy schedules and a rush in lifestyle, you can make time for it whenever it seems feasible and doable to you. Plus, the entire process is dependent on you: what techniques you use, what products you choose, it’s all up to you unlike aligning with professionals.

Products of Choice:

The DIY method gives you many options to choose from. You can use various natural cleaning solutions right from your home. Or you can opt for any of the plethora of store-bought products of your choice.


When you choose to do the task yourself, it does not have to be a lot expensive. You tend to use regular cleaning equipment and some common solutions for your carpets. This saves you from spending on heavy professional services and equipment. That’s one of the benefits that allures most homeowners.

What are The Cons of DIY Carpet Cleaning?

Elbow Grease:

Opting for the DIY method to clean your carpet can demand a lot of hard work and lots of time too. This may work when you have carpets with normal soiling and it’s a routine clean-up. But when your carpet is heavily soiled and extensively stained, you can imagine how exhaustive it is going to be for you while scrubbing the dirt off.

Inefficient & Ineffective Results:

Be it regular tools, routine cleaning, or your lack of experience, the DIY option cannot result in the effectiveness that professionals provide. The DIY cleaners may work visibly but the ingrained dirt in heavily soiled carpets remains the same. Moreover, after hours of scrubbing, you may still not get the desired results.

Risks of Damage:

When you do it yourself, you choose whichever product and method you want. But the downside is there are chances of damaging your carpet fibers. Without having the knowledge of analyzing the materials, you treat every type with the same solution that may or may not work and even harm imperceptibly. Moreover, a lack of expertise can also result in cleaning with the wrong techniques.

How is Professional Carpet Cleaning Better?

Carpet cleaning professionals use high-end equipment and effective, powerful solutions that are specialized for carpets. They have the knowledge to deal with different types of carpets, tough stains, odors, and heavy soiling, and that is why carpet steam cleaning is important. With minimal effort, they can bring efficient results due to their experience.

Moreover, the deep cleaning they provide works right from the surface to its deep carpet layers giving you a spotless carpet that lasts longer. This saves you money in the long run due to the well-maintained state without requiring frequent repairs or replacements.

Bottom Line

If your carpets are with mild soiling and staining and can be handled at home, you can do it yourself. Also, if you are willing to take out the time and a bit of elbow grease, you can opt for DIY.

However, as said above, if you have carpets that have not been deep cleaned for a long time and are heavily stained and soiled, you should invest and opt for professionals instead of trying to do it yourself and ending up damaging them.

Additionally, whether you clean yourself or not, it’s a fact that your carpet will demand thorough cleaning at least once a year. Experts can suggest the recommended frequency of carpet cleaning.

In conclusion, it’s up to you whether you opt for DIY. But if you are wanting to get effective deep cleaning results in an efficient manner, you should invest in pros.

If you are wanting to get your carpets deep cleaned by professionals, Falcon Carpet Care’s carpet steam cleaning services in San Antonio are here for you. Our well-trained experts use high-quality cleaners to treat your carpets and clean them thoroughly. With spotless results, you get long-lasting cleanliness and extended carpet lifespan. Call us now at (210) 941 6710.

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