Our Cleaning Processes

Carpet Cleaning Process

How We Clean?

Here at Falcon carpet care we use only the highest quality and safest cleaning solutions so you and your family are not only clean but also healthy.
We have broke our cleaning processes down to be quick yet efficient. Some companies will try and divide processes into more processes and make it seem like there “16 steps” are going above and beyond and can seem somewhat confusing at time. When in reality its all a gimmick to try and sell you more.
Falcon keeps everything simple and strait forward like it should be, never any hidden fees or up charging on things you would never benefit from. We keep it “100”, honesty is just as important as quality.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Falcon carpet care process consist of 4 major steps, depending on other issues such as pet urine odors or specialty color stains processes could differ.

Pre-Treatment Tailored To Your Specific Needs

Falcon will formulate the specific solution needed to properly clean your carpets. There are multiple types of cleaning agents and each are designed to target specific stains and soils. There is not a general all around cleaning agent so if your current carpet cleaner says that, maybe you should give Falcon a call.


Mechanical Agitation

After your carpets are properly pre-treated the next step is to loosen up embedded soils and lift debris to the surface. Falcon achieves this by using a counter rotating brush scrubber or CRB. This dual brush scrubber rotates in opposite directions to lift soiling to the surface, loosen stubborn stains and minimize wear patterns. The CRB will reveal things most vacuums cant even touch.


Truck Mounted Steam Extraction

Now that soils are loose and ready to be removed its time to extract soils and cleaning agents, utilizing a top of the line truck mounted machine soils are rinsed with 200+ degree pressurized water and sucked away with high velocity vacuum. Mixed into our cleaning water is special neutralizing solutions to help leave your carpet soft. These solutions also balance out the PH level of your carpet to minimize the chances of “wicking” or resurfacing spots once the carpet dries.
Depending on airflow and climate conditions carpets are usually dry in 3-8 hours depending on the carpet style.


Speed Dry & Sanitize

Now that your carpets are fresh and clean the final step is to make sure there sanitized and smelling great! We apply special sanitizer and deodorizers to all carpet we clean, finally we speed dry the carpets with high powered air movers to get your floors dry fast!

Additional/Extra Treatments


Pet Odor Treatment

Sometimes your fur family may have had some accidents. That’s no issue for Falcon Carpet Care, our pet enzyme treatments are highly effective at an affordable price. These treatments are applied in the “Pre-Treatment” process. Blacklight examinations can be used to pinpoint issues and properly resolve them.

Color Stains

In most cases, colors such as red, blue, and yellow stains can cause permeant damage to the carpet. Sometimes special spot treatments can be applied to those types of stains to resolve them. Depending on the severity of the issue, these treatments are included most of the time.

Carpet Stain Guard

This treatment is offered to protect your investment in cleaning. Falcon’s solvent-based carpet protector helps prevents airborne dirt and dust from bonding to the carpet as well as prevents spills from fully soaking in. When StainGaurd is applied you will notice your carpets stay cleaner long and wear patterns won’t be as noticeable in high-traffic areas. All StainGaurd treatments include a bottle of Falcon’s signature RESIFREE spot cleaner for when spills happen.