tips to increase Longevity of Carpets

Effective Cleaning Tips By Falcon Carpet Care to Increase the Longevity of Carpets

July 4, 2023

Carpets can last longer if cared for well. And a big part of care and maintenance is cleaning. With effective cleaning, you not only ensure a pristine look but also help it maintain for years to come. Therefore, here are some cleaning tips by our San Antonio experts to help increase your carpet’s longevity.

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips By Experts

1. Vacuum Regularly

Removing the surface soil is crucial, even if the carpet seems clean. It prevents dirt from entering inside and keeps it clean for a long. We suggest a regular vacuuming routine at least twice a week.

Also, apart from that, you should never skip vacuuming while deep cleaning. Any deep cleaning will be much more effective if started with surface cleaning and then moving further.

2. Read the Manufacturer’s Label

Before cleaning your carpet, always read the carpet care guide and the product usage tag. The carpet manufacturer’s instructions will help you know the suitable cleaning method for your carpet. And the product instructions will show the right usage directions.

Our pros in San Antonio always suggest this step for the best-suited cleaning.

3. Clean Spills Quickly

Make a habit of cleaning the spills as soon as possible. Do not let them sit. Else, they will be absorbed inside and sit permanently. Take a white cloth to prevent color transfer and absorb the stains quickly. Make sure to avoid rubbing them and work gently. The faster you act, the easier the spot removal.

4. Use Stain Resistants

Use stain resistance for your carpets to prevent spills from entering deeper. It will protect the backing and also make spot removal easier. Our expert tip is to use those cleaning agents that are sold specially for stain-resistant cleaning. So there are two purposes reached with one product.

5. Avoid Harsh Products

Don’t use any wrong cleaners that contain toxic chemicals. They can damage your carpet fibers and also the environment. Also, avoid any soaps or detergents as they leave residue behind. We prefer to always use green cleaning products for safe and effective cleaning.

6. Pre-test Before Use

No matter if it is a household cleaner or a readymade product, always test it before use. Take a small amount of cleaner and apply it to a hidden area of your carpet. Check if there are any signs of color fading or damage. This pre-test can save your carpet from possible damage.

7. Never Skip Pre-Treatment

Our experts have noticed many homeowners in San Antonio who skip pre-treatment and directly start deep cleaning. Applying a pre-treatment agent is crucial to loosen the dirt and stains for better cleaning. Let the solution work for a few minutes and then move on to deep cleaning.

8. Use Steam Cleaning

Our Falcon Carpet Care professionals always suggest using steam cleaning for carpets. This uses a minimal amount of water and provides effective cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning is important to help loosen dirt and stains and eliminate all germs and odors.

9. Do Not Over-Saturate

While cleaning your carpet, remember to use solutions and water in the proper amount. Overwetting a carpet can lead to issues like wicking and mold.

After cleaning, rinse your carpet well. Do not leave any cleaning residue behind in its fibers. Else it can lead to faster re-soiling.

10. Allow it to dry completely

Do not walk over your carpet until it is fully dry. Turn on fans and dehumidifiers and let it dry properly. This will prevent it from attracting dirt and also avoid mold growth.

11. Leave Natural Fibers To Professionals

Some fibers can be tricky to clean. If they are cleaned without proper knowledge and expertise, they can easily damage. Especially, natural fibers like silk and plant fibers. These are best cleaned by professionals.

12. Schedule Deep Cleaning Annually

DIY cleaning is only worth the effort for routine maintenance. For deep cleaning, do not wait for your carpet to show signs of heavy soiling. Schedule our expert carpet cleaning at least once a year. Our experts in San Antonio ensure thorough cleaning for every carpet type with effective results.

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