How To Keep Your Tile Grout From Turning Yellow? : Expert Insights from Falcon Carpet Care

How To Keep Your Tile Grout From Turning Yellow? : Expert Insights from Falcon Carpet Care

August 9, 2023

With excessive wear and tear along with regular staining, you may have noticed your sparkling white tile grout turning yellow over time. While there can be many reasons for that, yellow grout lines can spoil the look of your tiled surfaces, even when the tiles are clean.

So, it’s better avoided than cured. If you want to keep your tile grout from turning yellow, our pros at Falcon Carpet Care have combined some tips for you.

Expert Tips to Keep Your Tile Grout From Turning Yellow

⇒ Don’t Let The Spills Sit Longer

If you want to save your grout from turning yellow, save it from spills and stains. They are the biggest enemies when kept for long. Just because the floors are durable, you cannot think they won’t absorb anything.

The grout pores, especially when not sealed, can easily absorb liquid spills and cause the grout to turn yellow.

So, clean the spills as soon as possible to keep your grout looking white and clean.

⇒ Seal Your Grout

Grout lines often get discolored due to their porous nature, which makes them collect all the dirt, stains, and everything it gets exposed to. So unless you have epoxy grout, it is important to seal your grout lines, and that too at regular intervals.

Sealing the grout will prevent dirt and stains from entering its pores and help it keep looking white. We advise sealing your grout at least once a year.

⇒ Use The Right Cleaning Agents

Grout can also turn yellow because of using the wrong cleaners which is also a common tile and grout cleaning mistake. Grout is made from cement and sand. If you use harsh and abrasive cleaners, they may discolor your grout or turn it yellow.

Make sure you use cleaning agents that are suitable and safe for the type of your grout to avoid any harm.

⇒ Use Water Filtering Systems

If your home is supplied with hard water, it can be the biggest reason why a grout can turn yellow. That’s because the minerals in the hard water can collect on the grout lines over time, react with it, and result in the yellow or rusty color of the grout.

You can prevent your grout from turning yellow by installing a water filtering system in your home so the hard water gets clear before it comes into contact with your grout.

⇒ Choose Epoxy Grout Without Amber Pigment

Epoxy grout is the best choice because it repels staining and does not need to be sealed. However, this type of grout is prone to get yellow over time due to the presence of amber pigment in it.

So, we suggest choosing an epoxy grout that does not have this element to keep it from turning yellow.

⇒ Protect From Humidity And Moisture

Grout lines often turn yellow in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens because of extreme humidity and wetness. High moisture can affect the original color of your grout and cause it to turn yellow.

And if the grout is kept moist for a long time, it can also start forming mold and bacteria which can again cause discoloration.

You can protect it from moisture by installing exhaust fans to ventilate the humid areas properly and keep them dry.

⇒ Clean More Often

One of the best ways to maintain the shine and white color of your tile grout is cleaning. Make sure you clean the grout lines separately when cleaning tiles and floors.

This will prevent the dirt and other discoloring substances from building up on the grout and keep it clean. We always recommend paying more attention to areas that get used more often and are more prone to wetness, like bathroom tiles and grout.

Make sure you give it a quick rinse after every shower and usage and clean them more often to take better care and save them from turning yellow.

Summing Up

Taking care of your tile grout is easy with proper upkeep. By protecting it from major sources of discoloration like spills, harsh cleaners, hard water, and moisture, you can keep your tile grout from turning yellow.

In other words, clean the spills faster, seal your grout, use the right cleaners, use water filtering, protect it from high heat and mold growth, and clean it more often. That is what our pros advise to keep it shining white.

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