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Travertine Restoration Services

Professional Travertine Restoration Services
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Travertine gives an aesthetic appeal to your property. But its porous nature accumulates a massive amount of dirt and grime, which makes them look dull and filthy. And after a time, your travertine floors become so much worse that you start thinking of replacing them. But why replace them? when we are here to help you.

At Falcon Carpet Care, we offer professional travertine restoration services in San Antonio. We can restore the original look of your travertine and bring them back to life with our expert cleaning and restoration process.

We are a team of experienced professionals who use the latest equipment and best-quality supplies. We will effectively remove the accumulated dirt and grime from your travertine surfaces and provide them with a spotless new-like look.

Travertine Restoration Process

Engage Our Travertine Restoration Services


Deep Cleaning

We thoroughly clean your travertine floors and restore their spotless look.



We restore the finish of your travertine floors with our expert refinishing.



With our travertine sealing, you can protect it from excess wear and tear.



We can bring your travertine floors back to life with our travertine repair.



You can prolong the life of your travertine with our professional maintenance.

Don't Just Get It Clean.......

Get It Falcon' Clean!

Restore Your Travertine Today!

Travertine will only improve your home appearance when it is in its best condition, which is clean and tidy. No need to replace your travertine floor when we can restore it with our best travertine restoration services in San Antonio. Our skilled technicians will bring back the original appearance of your travertine and save you from expensive replacement costs. Schedule your services today!

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