VCT Strip and Waxing Services
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VCT Stripping & Waxing Services

Professional VCT Strip and Waxing Services in San Antonio TX

VCT or Vinyl flooring is becoming popular amongst property owners because of its appealing appearance and high durability. But proper care and regular maintenance are required to preserve the look of your VTC floors, as they become dull with time and constant use.

At Falcon Carpet Care, we offer professional VCT strip and waxing services in San Antonio that can bring back the shiny appearance of your VCT floors. We carefully strip your floors to remove the old, filthy wax coat and apply a new layer to regain the shine of your floors.

Our staff is an expert in floor stripping and waxing and uses the best-quality supplies, which makes the task effective. You will also prolong the life of your VCT floor by reducing its wear and tear.

VCT Strip and Waxing Process

Our VCT Stripping & Waxing Services Process



Our staff will inspect your VCT floor and check all the areas to treat.



Then we vacuum the floor area to eliminate loose dirt and debris.



We strip your floors and remove the old wax coat and accumulated grime.



It is an optional step. If deep clean the floors if it soiled and grimy.



After that, we make sure the stripped area is completely dry before waxing.



Finally, we apply the new layer of wax evenly on your floor and leave it for drying.

Don't Just Get It Clean.......

Get It Falcon' Clean!

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Stripping and waxing your VCT floor will not only elevate its look but also protect it from dirt, grime, and stains that will prolong its life. With our best VCT strip and waxing services in San Antonio, you can be assured of the results. Contact Us now to schedule your service today.

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VCT Stripping & Waxing
VCT Stripping & Waxing
VCT Stripping & Waxing
VCT Stripping & Waxing